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Beat Visa Retrogression with Nysa in India

Education Times | Tháng Bảy 11, 2018

India is booming as an emerging market for the increasingly popular EB-5Visa. Due to the sudden rise in the demand, it has been published earlier that some countries including India will hit retrogression this year.


Easy access to the land of opportunities

The Statesman | Tháng Bảy 11, 2018

Investors from across India have availed themselves for the Eb-5 programme with the sole purpose of advancing their pre-college age children’s possibilities for study and work in the US.


Indian students prefer EB-5 visa to get the U.S Green Card

Education Times | Tháng Bảy 11, 2018

In the quest for a diverse student population, most American universities encourage international admissions. 


A golden ticket to citizenship

Business Standard | Tháng Bảy 10, 2018

A number of countries allow you to become citizens by investing in government-approved projects or real estate or by buying bonds.

You have got money and want to shift abroad? There is some good news. Many countries are offering long-term visas for high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs), if they are willing to invest Rs 3.5 crore or more.




The EB5 Way to US Just Got Extended

Economic Times | Tháng Hai 1, 2016

The US employment-based fifth preference category (EB5) immigrant visa, received on investing $1 million in a new business, has been extended late last year.


Here’s Why L-1 Work Permit May Mean More Visa Trouble for India

Economic Times | Tháng Tám 10, 2015

Concerned over the restriction of the L-1 work permit and high rejection rate, many Indian IT companies are hoping for discussions at the government level ...


Plan an Investment for Your Child's US Dreams

Business World | Tháng Tư 22, 2015

For most Indian parents, like any other non-U.S. citizens considering undergraduate collegiate programmes for their children in the United …


EB-5: Attracting High Net Worth Indians Who Wish to Move to the US

Economic Times | Tháng Tư 13, 2015

The US immigrant investor programme, or EB-5, which was created to stimulate the American economy through job creation and capital investment by foreign investors …


Invest in US Property if You Wish to Land a Green Card

Financial Chronicle | Tháng Ba 11, 2015

For many years, NRIs and those at home have looked to the US as a safe haven for real estate investment. For affluent Indians, American real estate is a security blanket.


Use Money to Migrate

BW Businessworld | Tháng Ba 1, 2015

About Rs 1.9 crore is all you need to buy a 700 sq. ft two-bedroom apartment with an attached terrace in Riga, Latvia. If you are thinking why Latvia, well ...


Nysa’s Bespoke Solutions of Investment-Immigration Program to the US

SME World | Tháng Ba 1, 2015

Started in 2010 in New Delhi, India, Nysa is a boutique financial advisory service that works with high net worth individuals and corporate clients in the analysis …


US Roadshows in India in April to Attract $65 million

The Economic Times | Tháng Hai 16, 2015

The US government is looking to attract investment worth USD 65 million through a roadshow in April from Indian investors who are willing to become permanent residents there.


Invest for Your Children's US Dreams

Business Today | Tháng Một 13, 2015

For most Indian parents, like any other non-US citizens considering undergraduate collegiate programs for their children in the United States are confronted both by the challenge of gaining admission to the college of their choice …


Now, a US Green Card in Less Than a Year

The Financial Express | Tháng Mười Hai 26, 2014

2014 marks the first year in the 24 years of the EB-5 Program that saw the number of applications crossing the 10,000 per annum quota.


US Offering Green Cards for Families Who Invest Rs 3 Crores in US

NewsX | Tháng Hai 16, 2014