Transforming EB-5 Investing and Project Financing

Nysa EB-5, LLC is a division of Nysa Capital, LLC, a global professional services firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia USA. Nysa EB-5 specializes in EB-5-structured project financing and operates with an investor-centric, compliance-oriented service delivery model founded on the following key principles:

Today, many projects rely heavily on EB-5 funding and, therefore, cannot qualify for more traditional sources of funds. Rigorous due-diligence ensures that our projects are otherwise bankable, regardless of the EB-5 funding. This approach reduces investor risk. Simply stated, the quality of our projects is unequaled in today’s EB-5 marketplace.

Nysa EB-5 is comprised of industry experts in financial modeling, structures and vehicles. We are experts in compliance and regulatory matters, in addition to having in-depth transactional experience, registering in billions of dollars with Fortune 500 companies.

Nysa EB-5 has a corporate culture of integrity and transparency. We charge no hidden fees and take no short cuts. We make significant investments in our internal systems, technology and processes to ensure that reporting and compliance are adhered to with consistency and sustainability.

We have adopted a “boots-on-the-ground” approach across the globe and have developed our own proprietary network of prospective investors, immigration agents and financial advisors who work exclusively with Nysa EB-5 because of our reputation for delivering quality projects.

The EB-5 marketplace today is inefficient, lacking processes and professionalism. Our goal is to bring an institutional approach, crafted to deliver the maximum value for investors.

Nysa EB-5 takes a holistic view of each investor, fitting the EB-5 investment to each investor’s needs and goals. Our investor relations team works with each investor in his or her native tongue to assist with any additional services associated with new green card status, such as real estate acquisition or college applications. We also keep each investor apprised of the project’s status as well as the status of the immigration approval process.

Nysa EB-5 embraces the rules and regulations of both Unites States Citizens and Immigration Services (USCIS), the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). All of our projects are SEC/FINRA-registered for the safety of the investor, and all of our internal processes are aligned and incorporated into our brand and culture.

Our team works with project sponsors to engineer a financing strategy that is beneficial to them and that effectively leverages some component of EB-5 funding. Nysa EB-5s solutions are flexible, and we are adept at creating alternative capital structures to enhance a project’s success, benefitting of both the project and its EB-5 investors.

Nysa EB-5 has chosen to be regional center “agnostic.” This approach gives us the flexibility to select qualified regional centers with which to associate our client projects, providing investors a considerable advantage.

While we are proud of our innovation and strong financial model, we are most regarded for our transactional soundness. Investor safety is always of utmost importance. We recognize that the return of the investment, in addition to receipt of the permanent green card, are critical components of our success. Every EB-5 project’s financing is structured such that it is reasonably safeguarded to be a low-risk investment.

We have identified a group of best-of-class firms with whom to affiliate, underscoring our institutional approach and enhancing our ability to safeguard the transactional integrity of each project.

Nysa EB-5 utilizes a proven methodology for calculating job creation and we provide for at least a 30 percent buffer as added safety. For example: For every $500,000 invested, we will provide a jobs analysis that supports at least 13 newly created jobs.